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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Put On A Nato Strap

It's a must to have that NATO strap! Extremely comfortable. It is easily interchangeable. And with a certain elegance that makes you look like James Bond his character.

What is a Nato Watch Strap?

You could be wearing one right now as you read this article and might not even realize that you're wearing it. You can find the best nato strap online via

Simply put, a NATO is a strap that passes through composed of a single piece of material. It can pass over spring bars as well as under the case, in contrast to 2-piece straps which hinge to spring bars and swivels within the lugs.

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Standard NATOs come with a fixed metal buckle, two ring keepers, and another strap. One keeps the tail to keep it in place after fixing.

The second strap is attached to the strap that is used for secondary and loops through the main strap after it has passed across the bars and then under the case.

Don't be fooled by the secondary strap, it is there only to make you waste your time streaming YouTube videos while trying to find out the best way to fix the strap.

It forms a little pocket that reduces the distance through which the case can move, effectively keeping it in place no matter how much you move your hands.

Once you start collecting NATO straps- and trust us, you will- you’ll come across all types and variations of the bands.

You have Zulu, Army, RAF, Bond, Bund straps, and probably a couple more with really cool-sounding names.