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Benefits Of Video Games

Video games are not only able to provide fun and excitement for all, but they can also offer certain benefits and advantages. With the help of advanced technology and popularity, the game industry has developed and grown. If we look for the classification of video games, they are broadly divided into four main categories:


They are very fast and can cause a large amount of violence. action games are generally not suitable for children. games such as falling under “M” (mature-rated) categories.

Adventure and Role Playing

This is generally not the graphics as action games and can take players to surrealism and fantasy. Although the violence often occurs in the adventure and role-playing games, violence was not as intense in-game action.


The accent here is on strategy rather than violence and these games are slowly giving players time to think strategically, resource management, and planning to win. Most of the war by and for the violence was not entirely absent. This game is not suitable for children.


This is a video or computer game that simulates real-world situations under match-fixing. In this category, the three famous match race simulator, flight simulator, and sims. There are many games in this class to entertain kids. Some examples of simulation games: Football Manager, Agricultural Simulator 2013, The Sims, and Evil Genius.