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2 Things To Avoid When Designing Leadership Training For Youth

Training programs for youth leadership are crucial enough to not be designed incorrectly. They can increase the productivity, potential, and impact of young people.

Continue reading to know more about two things to avoid in the development and planning stages. You'll be sure to start with a great start and avoid an issue or two. You can find the best facilitation skills training course online.

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1. Do not hire facilitators who aren't skilled.

Facilitators are the ones who are the ones who make or break the program, so you should avoid selecting instructors who aren't fit. The goal is to find instructors with the right qualities and skills to complete the job.

While doing this ensure that the instructors enjoy working with young people. What is the best way to determine the qualifications of instructors? One method is conducting interviews. Determine the competencies that will be assessed, verify references, and conduct background checks.

2. Do not use a cookie-cutter method to design your program.

Do not duplicate what others are doing, even though it seems to work. Instead, look over the program and consider ways it can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your group's youth. Take note of programs that follow the best methods.

Keep in mind that each company or group is unique. One size does not fit all mentality is not applicable in terms of developing programs. Importantly, different formats work best with various groups. To achieve this, take what you can use, and eliminate the rest.