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Why Do People Take Drugs?

Drugs are substances that can be ingested or inhaled, and can have immediate effects on the body. They are used to treat various conditions, but can also lead to addiction and other harmful consequences. Drugs come in many varieties, and their effects can vary depending on the dosage and route of administration. Some drugs are prescribed by doctors while others are available over the counter.

How do people become addicted to drugs?

Drug addiction is usually caused by the repeated use of drugs, especially when the user does not feel the need for them. Drug addiction also occurs when people develop a physical dependence on the drug and experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop using it.

Adults with ADHD are more prone to fall for substance abuse, suggests study | HealthShots

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The reason behind drug use is that even if people do not like the consequences, if someone becomes hooked on a substance, they will find it difficult to stop taking it. This is because drug addiction is a mental health disorder, and people with this condition will continue to use drugs even if it harms their health or prevents them from fulfilling their goals in life.

We all know people who take drugs for a variety of reasons: to escape from reality, to feel better, or to speed up the process of healing. But what are the actual effects of drug use? By understanding the reasons people take drugs, we can better equip ourselves to help them when they need it and avoid getting caught up in their lifestyle choices.