Some Water-Related Ladies

You know, you look away from your blog for a second, then you look back to clear some spam and you realize it’s been months since you’ve updated and you feel ashamed… or at least, I do ;)

I’m going to try to update this place with some more recent work, but I’ll spread it over a few days. Since these three are on a similar theme, they’ll go together:

“Lady With Lobster on Head”: A pixel piece for the 2013 Secret Santa at Pixelation. 12 colours. I’m showing it at original size, and 2x after the break because I think that’s the size that looks best :)

It's just one of those days.


And some quick paintings I did for for daily challenges by Sketch Dailies on Twitter :)  The themes were “Ursula” and “Mermaid”.  Ursula, from a happier, cuter time:



And a gothy mermaid:

OMG she's nekkid!



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Mushroom n’ Zombie Mayhem

Well, just some news that we have just switched servers and so this site was down for a while. But we’re back now, with a faster, better(?) blog ;) The reason for the switch? HostGator couldn’t handle the traffic for the IndieStone when Lemmy & Binky (now with Nick) announced Project Zomboids, and when we relied on them the most they could not deliver the service (and not only pulled down and locked the site, but displayed a 404 error which made it look as though the site was not legit, a HUGE problem when money is involved).  HostGator can serve basic needs, but if you want your site to have any level of popularity, I cannot recommend them anymore.  Hence the server change.

But enough about that!

I was cleaning up some of my files on the server and came across some sprites that I made a good while back for the TIGSource Assembly competition, in which artists/musicians made assets that were used by programmers to make games. I thought I’d put them up here, so anyone can download them.  Yup–they are free for use in any game projects requiring a violent mushroom (although credit should be given, and a link to my site is highly appreciated), no need to ask permission :)

Animations and a tile demo up here, and the spritesheet and tilesheets are after the break for your downloading needs :)


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Pixel Roundup

Some small pixels I’ve done lately (and not so lately ;) )

First, a little beagle puppy holding a Cintiq stylus I made for Captain Binky’s birthday! (waaaay back in April!)

And now some minis, which I’m showing at 2x here so they can be seen more clearly :)
Ghostbusters for Nickenstien’s birthday! (also waaaay back in April!)

Some Dan and Ben sprites from Time Gentlemen, Please! (with accurate walkcycles! ;) )

And some Muse fanart! (made before my disappointment with their last album :(  Giving it another chance as I type)

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Dinner Date

…an INTERSPECIES dinner date!  Think of the herds are saying! :o

Based on the work of the awesmoe artist iLKke, although it didn’t really come through in the end.  I still like it for what it is, though :)

16 colours

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A Dragon and His Princess

It’s a little known fact that the high mortality rate of princesses kidnapped by dragons is not due to burns, being eaten, or as collateral damage from rescues gone awry.  No, the majority of princesses die from acute cases of boredom, as dragons insist on playing chess until they win, and dragons, even Shrewd ones, are incredibly poor players ;)
A late bday gift for my buddy Buloght :D  It’s been a long time since I worked on a complex pixel piece, and it was fun to do.

Shoutout to Captain Binky :)

16 colours (I have to admit I’m pleased with that ;) )

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The Best Pies in London

What’s my secret?
Frankly, dear forgive my candor
Family secret,
All to do with herbs.
Things like being
Careful with your coriander,
That’s what makes the gravy grander !

Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd.  16 colours

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Emerging from the Cocoon

A steampunk picture that ended up more cyberpunk ;)

12 colours

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The Alkonost

They say the alkonost has a song so sweet that to hear it means to forget everything… but her songs are of joy as well as sorrow.  This was based on a work that was originally started by the wonderful pixel artist Fool :)

14 colours

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Don’t Look Her in the Eye…

Gah, now you’re stone!  Medusa, the monster with a beautiful face.

9 colours.

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