The Bridge

I felt like it had been too long since I painted anything, so I tried to shake off some rust by making some fanart of the bendy, Escher-y, mind-addling game The Bridge :)

I wish escher eschewed shoes

The full quote (by Escher) is: ‘“It sometimes seems to me that we are all afflicted with an urge and have a longing for the impossible. The reality around is too common, too dull, too ordinary for us. We hanker after the unnatural, the supernatural, that which does not exist… We long for a miracle!”

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Portrait de Hugo et Lola

Is that the correct French? Probably not ;)

Well, I finished these ages ago and had forgotten to post them–portraits of my guinea pigs Hugo and Lola!

Hugo Bum

Lola Lump

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Portrait de Pancho

A portrait I painted of Pancho, my sister’s little black shih tzu dog.  The descriptors are mostly in-jokes ;)

Pancho paaaancho

He really does sit like a teddy bear, btw (when he’s being good, or at least acting like he’s being good so that we’ll give him treats ;) )

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The Word on the Street is… Pigeons!

A few months ago, I was contacted to make some artwork for the Word on the Street book festival.  Being a lover of books, I was very excited to take it on… even though it was due the next day ;)  To fit different layouts etc., the WOTS designers had to make changes to fonts, layout, and the artwork itself in some cases, but here is my original poster design (the white space was room for sponsors):

Rainbow pigeons!

Incidentally, I was attacked by a pigeon the next day.

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A Dino Punch-up at a Wedding

A picture I made as a gift for Dan of Size Five Games on the event of his wedding to his lovely bride Charlotte :D  May all your dino-punching days be splendid!


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Paint it Black

Woo, I’m on an update roll!  School’s almost done, and I’ll be going back on Project Zomboid fulltime :)

I quite like how this one turned out, especially as I did pretty much all of it in one day :)  My favourite painting in a while.

Red room.  RED ROOM.

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Three Pages

Well, here I am at the end of my semester, and I find myself updating for the first time since it started.  This blog format was supposed to make me post MORE :(

Here’s a sequence of 3 pages done for a children’s illustration course in which we illustrated an Aesop fable.  I did the North Wind and the Sun :)

spread #1

spread #2

spread #3

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I’m Tired of Looking at Me

I made about 5 self-portraits within the span of about two weeks…eep.  Anyhow, here’s one I finished tonight :)

Meeeee :O

Hopefully I can take a break from these for a while ;)

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Differing Opinions on Rainy Days

I’ve been a bit lazy about drawing lately, but finally took the plunge again a couple of days ago :)

It’s a sad state of affairs that overprotective/fussy fairy owners make their pet frogs miss out on the chance of playing in the rain because they don’t want them getting wet ;)  Click on the pick for a bigger version!

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The Strawberry Head Man Returneth

In a shocking turn of events, I did finish cleaning up the man with the strawberry head.

His eating habits remain… peculiar.  Some might even say unsettling ;)

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