Heart in Hand

I made this as an entry for a contest in a Steam group, it was a good excuse to try and paint something different from what I normally do :)

The theme was Neverending Nightmares, and so I illustrated a nightmare I had some time back: I was in some kind of accident, and bits of me were being replaced by robotic parts, piece by piece. I couldn’t bring myself to look at my face as I knew it was no longer mine, and hideous. The surgeons removed my heart and gave it to me to hold, and I could feel it in my hand, hard and barely beating.


My heart is in your hands

13th October, 2014 - Posted by MashPotato - 3 Comments

So… More Hands, eh?

I feel there should be some evidence of me going to art school on this blog somewhere, so here are the good ol’ standbys… hands.

You can tell these aren’t my hands because my stubby fingers don’t follow the rule of 2/3 ;)

That's a lid of a jar, btw.

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Can I Get a Couple of Hands, Here?

…Ahh, there they are.

My hand felt a bit gnarled after modelling for this one.

And it’s surprisingly hard to hold a pointing gesture.  A good reason for people not to jump to conclusions and start pointing fingers willy-nilly ;)

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