Indie Game Fanart!

I don’t just develop indie games, I play ‘em too! Here’s some fanart of some indie titles I’ve enjoyed :D

Zoya, from Trine/Trine 2 by Frozenbyte:



Gomo, from Gomo by Fishcow Studio

that guinea pig was actually in-game, I didn't just add it ;)


The Carrot Wearing a Hat from Card City Nights, by Ludosity

clearly badass


EDIT 5/17/2014

A Laser Squid from SYNSO: Squid Harder by Rob Fearon :D


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The Most Beautiful Fanart (in this post)

Just finished the second season of Flight of the Conchords in a day long binge, and have Bret and Jemain <3 to spare ;)  So, fanart!

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Left 4 Dead 2 anticipation!

Getting in the mood for this Tuesday with some quickish L4D fanart!  A hunter and a witch:

Is this the first man I’ve drawn in ages?  I do believe it is!

EDIT: someone got a tattoo of the witch! :O

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Pixel Roundup

Some small pixels I’ve done lately (and not so lately ;) )

First, a little beagle puppy holding a Cintiq stylus I made for Captain Binky’s birthday! (waaaay back in April!)

And now some minis, which I’m showing at 2x here so they can be seen more clearly :)
Ghostbusters for Nickenstien’s birthday! (also waaaay back in April!)

Some Dan and Ben sprites from Time Gentlemen, Please! (with accurate walkcycles! ;) )

And some Muse fanart! (made before my disappointment with their last album :(  Giving it another chance as I type)

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I’m Sensing… Some Fanart?

Ooh, it’s been a while.  I’m way behind on art updates, and I’ve read four books since my last post… anyhow, I was recently introduced (no, not literally) to the awesome and dapper mentalist/magician Derren Brown, and made some fanart :D

I’m a bit sad he seems to wear less purple in his newer stuff.  Magicians should always wear some sort of purple ;)

Making this reminded me of some of my old celebrity portraits I made last year that were a bit on the more serious side.  I still have some fondness for them, so I thought I’d put them up :)  Click on the jump to see! (more…)

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