All the Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!

Illustrator work from last semester  :)


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Ahoy thar!

Wheee, end of second semester, and two more to go :)

A character design for a bloodthirsty harlot-turned-pirate.  I have more of her, but I like this one best :)


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Putting the “Crab” in “Crabshack”

Something I did last semester and only got around to scanning now.  My second use of ink and washes :)

I find fiddler crabs cute--am I weird?

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For a school assignment I had to mess around with halftone stuff, and inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Rule of Pie, I decided to go all retro with a slice of delicious pie ;)  I was thinking cherry rather than strawberry, though.

Mmmm... pie.

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I’m Tired of Looking at Me

I made about 5 self-portraits within the span of about two weeks…eep.  Anyhow, here’s one I finished tonight :)

Meeeee :O

Hopefully I can take a break from these for a while ;)

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We’re Back!

After some downtime due to server changes and general busyness, I am now back!  Some images may still be missing while the cache tries to catch up :)

Something of note that happened during the break: the alpha-tech demo of Project Zomboid was released!  It’s been getting quite a lot of nice buzz, which is very exciting, and we’re hoping to live up to those lofty expectations :D

I have lots of new art to post, but will try and space it out a bit.  In keeping with the theme of zombies, though, here’s a creepy pattern I made with an ink dip pen and adjusted in Photoshop.  It will tile, so it can be used as a desktop background if you want it staring at you all day ;)


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The Zomboids are Coming!

The Project Zomboid site is now live!  Click on the pretty logo below to get the whole scoop on the game: defending yourself against zombies, crafting items, and generally surviving in a nightmare apocalypse.

Braaaaains....Why am I posting about this, you ask? ;)  Friends and Indie Stone cohorts Lemmy101, CaptainBinky, and Nickenstein are the braaaaains behind it.  I am not a full-time member on this, but have kicked in a few art assets.  Those inventory icons in the screenshots?  Mine ;)

Take a look!  Pre-order and you’ll get free updates for life, but for the more fiscally cautious a demo is due out at the end of this month :)

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Tree Frog Paradise

Sun, palm trees, and little coconut huts. What more could a tree frog want? :D

Done for a small school project with the theme “trees protecting the city” (it’s a frog city ;) ). I tried a new style, and did this entirely with a brush. Couldn’t quite control the ink in places with my shaky hands, but it was nice to attempt.  I also think I need to invest in a smaller brush ;)

I hear it costs 50 flies a night, there.  Outrageous!

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Mona Lisa(ish) after Sophie Griotto (sorta)

It’s nearing the end of my first semester in my illustration program, and so I should have a small slew of things to post when I get some time.  For now, here’s a painting I did in which we were to reinterpret the Mona Lisa in the style of a different illustrator.  I chose the fantastic Sophie Griotto, whose lovely website you can visit here.  I couldn’t really capture her style, as I just couldn’t mimic the loose spontaneity of her work… it’s more of a weird hybrid between her art and my usual style.  If you ignore the point of the exercise, I think it turned out okay in itself ;)

Bonjour!Btw, I’m going to be erasing all my book reviews, as I highly doubt anyone really cares about my opinion on books, and I update my reviews so sporadically it just ruins the flow of the blog ;)

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To Fly…

You can do it, Mr. Beaverton! Just believe!

I'm getting a little teary-eyed...

I re-jigged this painting from one I did a few years ago.  Seeing the change is pretty neat–the original looked more like a falling groundhog than a flying beaver :D

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