Pixelly Post

Just some pixels I made semi-recently :)

The first, a zombie mermaid parody of Venus at Her Mirror by Diego Velazquez that I made for the Secret Santa activity at the Pixelation forum (13 colours):

my first octopus!

A sprite of a mechanical elephant made of a barrel, diver’s helmet, pipes, and rubber hoses, done for a pixel joint challenge (15 colours):

The head was originally going to be a fishbowl

And a quick portrait, also done for a pixel joint challenge (15 colours).  Not crazy about this one, though I do like parts of it:

there are only 13 pixels of the required emerald colour in there ;)

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Portrait de Pancho

A portrait I painted of Pancho, my sister’s little black shih tzu dog.  The descriptors are mostly in-jokes ;)

Pancho paaaancho

He really does sit like a teddy bear, btw (when he’s being good, or at least acting like he’s being good so that we’ll give him treats ;) )

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The Word on the Street is… Pigeons!

A few months ago, I was contacted to make some artwork for the Word on the Street book festival.  Being a lover of books, I was very excited to take it on… even though it was due the next day ;)  To fit different layouts etc., the WOTS designers had to make changes to fonts, layout, and the artwork itself in some cases, but here is my original poster design (the white space was room for sponsors):

Rainbow pigeons!

Incidentally, I was attacked by a pigeon the next day.

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Museum Sketches

I went to the museum for a little while yesterday and made some sketches.  I’m really out of practice and need to do this more!  I also forgot all my colour markers except for pink ;)

A redfish:

One fish two fish red fish blue fish

A secretary bird:I hear they eat snakes

A cassowary:looks a bit like a dinosaur turkey ;)

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A Dino Punch-up at a Wedding

A picture I made as a gift for Dan of Size Five Games on the event of his wedding to his lovely bride Charlotte :D  May all your dino-punching days be splendid!


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The Little Mermaid, Part 3

The exciting conclusion to the Little Mermaid trilogy!  It’s like the other two, but bigger with more explosions! ;)

The castle of the sea king, based on coral.  I really tried throughout this project to keep everything very organic.

Somewhere, beyond the sea...

The Sea Witch’s lair.  Once again with the organic origins: her chair is a dolphin skeleton, her cauldron is a giant clam, and the lights are little phosphorescent fish trapped behind films (which you can’t really tell in this picture, but that was the idea behind it ;) )

She's the skinnier cousin of Ursula ;)

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The Little Mermaid, part 2

Here’s more selections from the Little Mermaid project :)

Character expressions:

Say cheese!

Character poses:

Strike a pose!

Maquette made from super sculpey:

There's also a painted version, but it looks TERRIBLE ;)

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The Little Mermaid, part 1

So… I’m back ;)

For anyone who visits here but not The IndieStone (and why would you do that? ;) ), the update of Project Zomboid has arrived!  It’s not fully official yet (we’re still squashing bugs), but if you can’t wait, you can download it here.

So here’s some stuff I’ve been up to on the non-PZ front in school: some concept art based on The Little Mermaid.  I went with the original Hans Christian Andersen version, which is really  a beautiful story and makes me cry every time ;)  I decided to make the mermaids more fish-like; a bit monstrous, but pretty in their own way.

Here’s a character lineup: the little mermaid (based on a copper-banded butterfly fish), the sea witch (angler fish), generic merman (royal blue tang), and the human form of the little mermaid.

It was number 3 who stole my seashells!

A character rotation of the little mermaid:

Rotations are a pain.And a closeup action shot!

Eyelashes, but no eyelids ;)More to come later!

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Looooong Necks

Some giraffes with loooooooong necks!

Traditional ink with one of those fancy metal nib dip pens.  Those make me feel like a proper artist ;)

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Three Pages

Well, here I am at the end of my semester, and I find myself updating for the first time since it started.  This blog format was supposed to make me post MORE :(

Here’s a sequence of 3 pages done for a children’s illustration course in which we illustrated an Aesop fable.  I did the North Wind and the Sun :)

spread #1

spread #2

spread #3

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