The Little Mermaid, part 1

So… I’m back ;)

For anyone who visits here but not The IndieStone (and why would you do that? ;) ), the update of Project Zomboid has arrived!  It’s not fully official yet (we’re still squashing bugs), but if you can’t wait, you can download it here.

So here’s some stuff I’ve been up to on the non-PZ front in school: some concept art based on The Little Mermaid.  I went with the original Hans Christian Andersen version, which is really  a beautiful story and makes me cry every time ;)  I decided to make the mermaids more fish-like; a bit monstrous, but pretty in their own way.

Here’s a character lineup: the little mermaid (based on a copper-banded butterfly fish), the sea witch (angler fish), generic merman (royal blue tang), and the human form of the little mermaid.

It was number 3 who stole my seashells!

A character rotation of the little mermaid:

Rotations are a pain.And a closeup action shot!

Eyelashes, but no eyelids ;)More to come later!

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Looooong Necks

Some giraffes with loooooooong necks!

Traditional ink with one of those fancy metal nib dip pens.  Those make me feel like a proper artist ;)

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Three Pages

Well, here I am at the end of my semester, and I find myself updating for the first time since it started.  This blog format was supposed to make me post MORE :(

Here’s a sequence of 3 pages done for a children’s illustration course in which we illustrated an Aesop fable.  I did the North Wind and the Sun :)

spread #1

spread #2

spread #3

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All the Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise!

Illustrator work from last semester  :)


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Ahoy thar!

Wheee, end of second semester, and two more to go :)

A character design for a bloodthirsty harlot-turned-pirate.  I have more of her, but I like this one best :)


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Putting the “Crab” in “Crabshack”

Something I did last semester and only got around to scanning now.  My second use of ink and washes :)

I find fiddler crabs cute--am I weird?

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For a school assignment I had to mess around with halftone stuff, and inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Rule of Pie, I decided to go all retro with a slice of delicious pie ;)  I was thinking cherry rather than strawberry, though.

Mmmm... pie.

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I’m Tired of Looking at Me

I made about 5 self-portraits within the span of about two weeks…eep.  Anyhow, here’s one I finished tonight :)

Meeeee :O

Hopefully I can take a break from these for a while ;)

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We’re Back!

After some downtime due to server changes and general busyness, I am now back!  Some images may still be missing while the cache tries to catch up :)

Something of note that happened during the break: the alpha-tech demo of Project Zomboid was released!  It’s been getting quite a lot of nice buzz, which is very exciting, and we’re hoping to live up to those lofty expectations :D

I have lots of new art to post, but will try and space it out a bit.  In keeping with the theme of zombies, though, here’s a creepy pattern I made with an ink dip pen and adjusted in Photoshop.  It will tile, so it can be used as a desktop background if you want it staring at you all day ;)


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The Zomboids are Coming!

The Project Zomboid site is now live!  Click on the pretty logo below to get the whole scoop on the game: defending yourself against zombies, crafting items, and generally surviving in a nightmare apocalypse.

Braaaaains....Why am I posting about this, you ask? ;)  Friends and Indie Stone cohorts Lemmy101, CaptainBinky, and Nickenstein are the braaaaains behind it.  I am not a full-time member on this, but have kicked in a few art assets.  Those inventory icons in the screenshots?  Mine ;)

Take a look!  Pre-order and you’ll get free updates for life, but for the more fiscally cautious a demo is due out at the end of this month :)

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