Games I’ve made or worked on, have a download!

Project Zomboid (2011-present)

Craft, defend, find supplies, and try to persevere against all hope in the zombie apocalypse.

This is a survival sandbox RPG that is currently in alpha development.  Find out more, including a playable demo and ordering info, here.

project zomboid

A game by The Indie Stone

Beauties and Beasts (2008)

You must win a beauty pageant at any cost… this may get a little ugly.

Made in one week for the 2008 AGS OROW (One Room, One Week) competition.

Winner of the 2008 AGS award for Best Short Game.


MashPotato: Story, art, scripting
CaptainBinky & Nickenstien: Testing
AGS Engine by Chris Jones

A Cure for the Common Cold (2007)

After years spent as a starving artist, you’ve managed to catch the eye of an influential art director.  The problem: he wants to see some new work, and you’ve got a terrible cold that’s draining your creativity.  You’d better come up with a cure for the common cold–and fast!


MashPotato: Story, art, scripting
Strange Visitor: Dialogue, testing
AGS Engine by Chris Jones


Other games I’ve worked on in smaller roles:

Time Gentlemen, Please! (2009) – Zombie Cow Studios –  “previously” graphics
Resonance (2012) – xii games – some portraits

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