Museum Sketches

I went to the museum for a little while yesterday and made some sketches.  I’m really out of practice and need to do this more!  I also forgot all my colour markers except for pink ;)

A redfish:

One fish two fish red fish blue fish

A secretary bird:I hear they eat snakes

A cassowary:looks a bit like a dinosaur turkey ;)

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The Little Mermaid, part 2

Here’s more selections from the Little Mermaid project :)

Character expressions:

Say cheese!

Character poses:

Strike a pose!

Maquette made from super sculpey:

There's also a painted version, but it looks TERRIBLE ;)

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Looooong Necks

Some giraffes with loooooooong necks!

Traditional ink with one of those fancy metal nib dip pens.  Those make me feel like a proper artist ;)

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Putting the “Crab” in “Crabshack”

Something I did last semester and only got around to scanning now.  My second use of ink and washes :)

I find fiddler crabs cute--am I weird?

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We’re Back!

After some downtime due to server changes and general busyness, I am now back!  Some images may still be missing while the cache tries to catch up :)

Something of note that happened during the break: the alpha-tech demo of Project Zomboid was released!  It’s been getting quite a lot of nice buzz, which is very exciting, and we’re hoping to live up to those lofty expectations :D

I have lots of new art to post, but will try and space it out a bit.  In keeping with the theme of zombies, though, here’s a creepy pattern I made with an ink dip pen and adjusted in Photoshop.  It will tile, so it can be used as a desktop background if you want it staring at you all day ;)


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Tree Frog Paradise

Sun, palm trees, and little coconut huts. What more could a tree frog want? :D

Done for a small school project with the theme “trees protecting the city” (it’s a frog city ;) ). I tried a new style, and did this entirely with a brush. Couldn’t quite control the ink in places with my shaky hands, but it was nice to attempt.  I also think I need to invest in a smaller brush ;)

I hear it costs 50 flies a night, there.  Outrageous!

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So… More Hands, eh?

I feel there should be some evidence of me going to art school on this blog somewhere, so here are the good ol’ standbys… hands.

You can tell these aren’t my hands because my stubby fingers don’t follow the rule of 2/3 ;)

That's a lid of a jar, btw.

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Can I Get a Couple of Hands, Here?

…Ahh, there they are.

My hand felt a bit gnarled after modelling for this one.

And it’s surprisingly hard to hold a pointing gesture.  A good reason for people not to jump to conclusions and start pointing fingers willy-nilly ;)

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Pencil Crayon Fun

I’ve recently been taking some art classes, and we started work in pencil crayons (which I’ve used before, but only as opaque blocks of colour).  Anyway, we made portraits of a live model, and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out :) It’s neat learning to use other media, as I’ve been almost entirely digital for the last while.

Pic’s after the jump because it contains nudity (*shock, horror*! ;) ) (more…)

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Self-Portait I

Entitled “I” because as much as I dislike drawing self-portraits, I’m working on a portfolio and I’m usually the only model handy ;) (speaking of hands, I’ve drawn many).

A reasonable facsimile of me working from a mirror:

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