Heart in Hand

I made this as an entry for a contest in a Steam group, it was a good excuse to try and paint something different from what I normally do :)

The theme was Neverending Nightmares, and so I illustrated a nightmare I had some time back: I was in some kind of accident, and bits of me were being replaced by robotic parts, piece by piece. I couldn’t bring myself to look at my face as I knew it was no longer mine, and hideous. The surgeons removed my heart and gave it to me to hold, and I could feel it in my hand, hard and barely beating.


My heart is in your hands

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Paint It Black

Fixed up an older picture a bit :)



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Contemplating One’s Origins

This began as a Huesday sketch, but I liked it enough I decided to polish it up a bit more :)  Complete metamorphosis is really a mind-boggling thing…


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Some Quickies

Every Tuesday, Ben Chandler and I host #Huesday on Twitter at 21:00 ET, where people of all art skill levels and backgrounds create artwork in one hour or less based on a random theme determined just as the hour starts.  It’s a good way to not only force yourself to practice, but also to have some creative fun–you should join in! Yes, YOU!

Here are some of the entries that I’m particularly fond of, for various reasons ;)

RUST – 1 hour


WEATHER – 30 min 16_30m_weather

QUALITY – 1 hour


THRILL – 15 min24b_thrill

I’m still not very quick, but Huesday has helped me practice getting the important things down first :)

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It’s been a long time since I painted a dragon. There was a time in my childhood when that was ALL I DREW ;)

Btw, I’ve turned off commenting on this blog because I was getting loads of spam. If you’d like to get in contact with me or leave a comment, please tweet me!


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Indie Game Fanart!

I don’t just develop indie games, I play ‘em too! Here’s some fanart of some indie titles I’ve enjoyed :D

Zoya, from Trine/Trine 2 by Frozenbyte:



Gomo, from Gomo by Fishcow Studio

that guinea pig was actually in-game, I didn't just add it ;)


The Carrot Wearing a Hat from Card City Nights, by Ludosity

clearly badass


EDIT 5/17/2014

A Laser Squid from SYNSO: Squid Harder by Rob Fearon :D


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Some Water-Related Ladies

You know, you look away from your blog for a second, then you look back to clear some spam and you realize it’s been months since you’ve updated and you feel ashamed… or at least, I do ;)

I’m going to try to update this place with some more recent work, but I’ll spread it over a few days. Since these three are on a similar theme, they’ll go together:

“Lady With Lobster on Head”: A pixel piece for the 2013 Secret Santa at Pixelation. 12 colours. I’m showing it at original size, and 2x after the break because I think that’s the size that looks best :)

It's just one of those days.


And some quick paintings I did for for daily challenges by Sketch Dailies on Twitter :)  The themes were “Ursula” and “Mermaid”.  Ursula, from a happier, cuter time:



And a gothy mermaid:

OMG she's nekkid!



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The Bridge

I felt like it had been too long since I painted anything, so I tried to shake off some rust by making some fanart of the bendy, Escher-y, mind-addling game The Bridge :)

I wish escher eschewed shoes

The full quote (by Escher) is: ‘“It sometimes seems to me that we are all afflicted with an urge and have a longing for the impossible. The reality around is too common, too dull, too ordinary for us. We hanker after the unnatural, the supernatural, that which does not exist… We long for a miracle!”

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Portrait de Hugo et Lola

Is that the correct French? Probably not ;)

Well, I finished these ages ago and had forgotten to post them–portraits of my guinea pigs Hugo and Lola!

Hugo Bum

Lola Lump

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Pixelly Post

Just some pixels I made semi-recently :)

The first, a zombie mermaid parody of Venus at Her Mirror by Diego Velazquez that I made for the Secret Santa activity at the Pixelation forum (13 colours):

my first octopus!

A sprite of a mechanical elephant made of a barrel, diver’s helmet, pipes, and rubber hoses, done for a pixel joint challenge (15 colours):

The head was originally going to be a fishbowl

And a quick portrait, also done for a pixel joint challenge (15 colours).  Not crazy about this one, though I do like parts of it:

there are only 13 pixels of the required emerald colour in there ;)

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