Stuff About Me

Name: Marina Siu-Chong, aka MashPotato
Year of Birth (so I don’t have to update :D): 1983
Occupation: illustrator;
artist & co-founder of The Indie Stone
Location: Toronto, Canada

Tools of Choice: Photoshop with a Wacom tablet for digital art, pens and inks for traditional

Commissions: Maybe!  Email me with details and we can discuss :)

Contact: marinasiuchong (at) yahoo.com

Twitter: @mashpotassium

Stuff About this Site’s Content

  • I would prefer that my games only be hosted on my server (just for the sake of having an idea of the number of downloads), but if for some reason you would like to host any of them, please do ask and maybe we can work something out :)
  • If you would like to post artwork here anywhere else on the web, please contact me.   It will most likely it will be fine if it’s for non-commercial purposes and you link back here, but I really appreciate knowing where all my stuff is ;)
  • If you have any other questions, please contact me.  I promise I’m not scary! ;D

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